Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brittnee & Neal l Utah Maternity Photography

This beautiful mommy is my best friend from growing up. I have been so blessed with AMAZING friends in my life. And I am so grateful that most of those friendshipsare all still going strong. Even though these guys are up in Idaho while Neal is finishing PA school, Britt and I still talk on the phone for hours and when we get together after however long it's like we have never been apart. Also, this girl is seriously my memory... If someone asks me a question about middle school or high school or even my first year of college I usually have to call her to figure out the answer. My memory is that bad and hers is that good that she remembers my past better than me. Haha. But anyways, these guys are expecting a sweet little boy in November and I really could not be more excited to meet him. I wish I could look this great when I was pregnant! She is so tiny I swear in some of these you can barely tell she is pregnant. :)


  1. Love how you made the "o" with their wedding rings! Great pictures!!

  2. I love, love, love them!!!! You are amazing! Thank you again so much!