Friday, January 20, 2012

Olivia l One Year Pictures

Can I just say that when we moved into our neighborhood we had no idea how awesome all our neighbors were going to be. We have become good friends with this little cutie's parents and since her and Jordy are only like 6 weeks apart they are good little buddies too! Earlier this week we got together to take Olivia's 1 year pictures and even though we had a really hard time getting many smiles from her (her mom told me the next day that she cut 2 teeth the night we took them, poor girl), I still think we got some great shots! And I had a blast shooting on some of my new backdrops.
 Love love love this one!
 We got a few with her dog Oscar too. There is nothing sweeter than a little girls love for her dog!
 Isn't her little birthday outfit to die for??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Talysa Bridals

This is one of my good friends I grew up with. I have known Talysa since we were 3 and I just love her to death! She has been through so much and she is seriously so amazing! I am not even done editing this gorgeous girl's pictures and I already have a ton I want to post! So don't be surprised if I end up posting even more later on. Here is a sneak peek though for you my dear, and yes there are a ton because I just can't narrow down! I am so excited for your wedding in March!
 I had to start with the picture I think is my favorite from the whole session. Talk about drop dead gorgeous!!! I usually like color pictures better than black and white but there are so many from this session that I am absolutely loving the black and white versions!
 Yes, her eyes are seriously this stunning!