Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brittnee & Neal l Utah Maternity Photography

This beautiful mommy is my best friend from growing up. I have been so blessed with AMAZING friends in my life. And I am so grateful that most of those friendshipsare all still going strong. Even though these guys are up in Idaho while Neal is finishing PA school, Britt and I still talk on the phone for hours and when we get together after however long it's like we have never been apart. Also, this girl is seriously my memory... If someone asks me a question about middle school or high school or even my first year of college I usually have to call her to figure out the answer. My memory is that bad and hers is that good that she remembers my past better than me. Haha. But anyways, these guys are expecting a sweet little boy in November and I really could not be more excited to meet him. I wish I could look this great when I was pregnant! She is so tiny I swear in some of these you can barely tell she is pregnant. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hinckley Family l Utah Family Photography

Meet the Hinckley family.What an amazing family they are! I went to school with Cali from middle school on and honestly I do not think you could find a sweeter, more genuine person if you tried. Even just as casual aquaintences she is just one of those people that you can't help but love. These guys have been through so much it literally brings me to tears every time I think about it. I have struggled with deciding how to write this blog post because I want to be respectful to them. But I feel that it is important to mention that little Oakland has an older brother Mac and little brother Quincy watching over from up in heaven. And sweet Cali nearly passed away a few months ago from an amniotic fluid embolism while pregnant with Quincy. It is a true miracle that she is here and I know I can speak for anyone who has met her that we are so grateful for that. I am so grateful I was able to take pictures of this amazing, sweet family!
I seriously had a blast taking these pictures. I loved meeting Josh and Oakland. It appears Cali found a guy who is just as kind and genuine as she is. And holy cow is he tall! And as you can see, Oakland is as cute as they come and quite a little character. I love how much personality some of these little ones have. One of my favorite parts about family sessions is watching the loving interaction between them and it was just so obvious with these guys! And I love how much it shows in these pictures. Thanks again for letting me take these, you guys are as cute of a family as can be!
On a side note, I am pretty much devastated that when we went to take these pictures at the Old Star Mill in American Fork I found out that it is getting sold and will most likely not be available for pictures anymore. I have wanted to shoot at this location for so long but there is a $40 fee so it's not usually a place people choose as their location. But now that I have shot there I am in love with it and I am seriously so sad it isn't going to be an option soon. I was told it would be finalized sometime in September and I haven't heard it has closed yet. So on that note, if anyone is interested in trying my maybe get a session in here before it is not an option you would want to let me know ASAP. I would have to check in to see if it is still available but I am pretty sure that if it is it will only be for another week or 2! Let me know!