Saturday, December 8, 2012

Swensen Family l Utah Family Photography

This is a family of troopers! The weather when we took these was miserable. Of course the weather had predicted that it was supposed to be a pretty nice day but I don't think the wind stopped blowing once while we were there. In fact I think it blew harder the longer we were there. The poor kids were freezing, and all the girls' hair were blowing around like crazy but I still think we were able to get some cute shots. And watching these five siblings interact kind of makes me wish that my siblings and I were closer in age. I doubt that there is ever a dull or boring moment when they all get together!
I had to sneak one of these in the preview! See what I mean about the never a dull moment? Though I only have one posted here I assure you there are many more like this from our session...

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