Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rasmussen Family

The Rasmussen's were the winners of my free photo session contest. They were such a fun family to photograph and as you can see they are such a good looking group! Although the little guy wasn't too thrilled to get his picture taken (just like most 3 year olds!), I feel like we were able to get some great shots. We took these over by South Towne Mall which probably seemed like a strange location at first, but the more I look through these I just love how they turned out. So thanks for letting me take them there. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!


  1. Oh my Grady... so freaking cute! Love ALL of them Mel! You did such a great job. Really, they are all so good...

  2. Melanie! Thank you! I love them! Who would know that Grady was such a bum? haha I'm so glad you can't tell and that you got so many of him smiling! Thank you!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these! What a great looking family...I'm proud to call you my cousins! ;)